NAPPI® Coded Essential Medicines List (EML)


MediKredit has, in collaboration with the Board of Healthcare Funders (BHF), undertaken to crosswalk NAPPI® codes to the various Essential Medicines Lists (EMLs) of the National Department of Health Standard Treatment Guidelines.

This was done to assist both the private and public healthcare sectors to identify the gaps between what is funded in the private sector versus the medicines in the EMLs used in the public sector. The NAPPI® coded EML has no regulatory or funding intent but merely serves as a tool for the industry to use as we move toward universal healthcare coverage for all South Africans.

The NAPPI® Coded EML provides an important open-source tool to the South African healthcare industry in preparation for the implementation of the National Health Insurance. The three levels of care included are: tertiary and quaternary hospitals, secondary hospitals and primary healthcare. This file also indicates whether the product is available on the Master Procurement Catalogue.