Multi-component Surgical NAPPI® Request Form


For registration of a MediKredit NAPPI® code for a multi-component surgical product by a manufacturer or supplier, reference should be made to the NAPPI® allocation rules for multi-component surgical products when completing the application form.

Please note:

  • Multi-component surgical products were previously referred to as kits, packs and trays.
  • Where the same multi-component surgical product is packed locally for a particular doctor and can be sold to other doctors, then only one NAPPI® code will be applied for.
  • Reusable or multi-use surgical products should not be included in multi-component surgical products.
  • The total Rand sum of the multi-component surgical product should not be more than the sum of the individual chargeable components.
  • Multi-component surgical products may contain Single Exit Price (SEP) products; however, the price of the multi-component product must be greater than or equal to the sum of the SEP product/s contained therein.
  • The accountability is on the manufacturer/supplier of such products to ensure compliance with SEP regulations.