Option Lists

The MediKredit option list that is distributed regularly contains a host of information regarding medical schemes submitting option submissions.

Contracted medical schemes are listed on the option list to reflect the options associated with a medical scheme and the administrator associated to each option.

Each option is allocated a unique “Option code”, that determines the correct destination for the claim to be delivered. These codes are integrated into the Practice Management Software (PMS) and are included on each submitted transaction created. The codes are reflected in the option list as a reference to the provider should they wish to manually update their PMS with such codes or troubleshoot rejections received upon submission.

The option list also contains other valuable information pertaining to medical schemes, such as:

  • Actual membership validation applied
  • Membership number information e.g., prefixes, length of member number etc.
  • Dispensing fee information
  • MMAP® or reference price indication