What we believe

At the heart of innovation you will find neither microchips nor protocols, source code or diagrams.

Just a set of 5 values we believe and work by.

1st Principle
2nd Principle
3rd Principle
4th Principle
5th Principle

Informed Members

Guaranteed system availability and detailed response means that members understand their financial and clinical risk situation at Point of Service.

Flexible IT Systems

The highly flexible rules-based system at MediKredit ensures that Medical Scheme product design and creativity is never inhibited by system constraints.

Meaningful Reporting

All MediKredit products result in accurate, timeous, patient-centric, information for impact assessment and decision-making. We also make sure it's always accessible and logical to every level of user. MediKredit is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with representative benchmarks to assess their performance against the industry.

Corporate Governance

MediKredit is an independent player in Healthcare, not owned by either Funder or Providers of healthcare and is thus an independent 3rd party data supplier. MediKredit's business processes are also carefully governed and audited against ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Proactive Healthcare Solutions

MediKredit's strategic planning and industry involvement ensure its clients are always ready for industry challenges and changes.

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