MediKredit's Unique Benefits

What makes MediKredit unique is that it’s positioned to provide the key benefits to funders and providers of healthcare in Online Real-time (OLRT) processing and with automated claims adjudication processes.

MediKredit’s copyrighted and proprietary software incorporates its “rule stacking” technology that allows for the creation of a rule for a specific patient for a specific healthcare product or service, within a specific medical scheme option. This unique technology offers complex rule applications in a scalable, flexible and customizable manner on all healthcare claim types.

Because we do not work in a “system hard-code” environment, system changes can be accommodated immediately with a very short lead-time for the client.

Due to the speed and accuracy of the MediKredit processing engine, providers submitting claims to us receive a response with the adjudication details within seconds, which naturally creates a positive member experience and perception of their chosen medical scheme.

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