An old Medical saying goes "Keep listening and the patient will tell you the diagnosis".

We listened to doctors, hospitals, trustees, administrators and pharmacists. People from every side of healthcare.

We came back with 5 answers.


What our clients say

Dr Burger & Kruger's staff in Queenstown

"MediKredit's support and staff have been excellent!"

Karl Bremer Hospital

"Payments from the Medical Schemes much quicker, with less hassle, and problems are sorted out immediately. It's never been so easy!"

Universitas Hospital

"Rejections are immediate and get resolved immediately. Payments are quicker and they help keep our system updated."

Dr Blake, Cape Town

"MediKredit has transformed our accounting system with their rapid verification and management of medical scheme debits."

Dr GK Brink in Kwazulu Natal

"MediKredit tracks each and every claim from the point of service through to the delivery of the processed claim to the scheme - which means, claims will never be lost!"

Steve White, Forest Glade Pharmacy, Cape Town

"The call-centre is efficient and friendly...always willing to go the extra mile.."

Evan Lapin, Main St John's Pharmacy, Pinetown

"With faster and better responses than ever before, MediKredit have done it again...leading the way in the pharmacy market."

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