MediKredit wholly owns its own switch and therefore is not reliant on a third party to guarantee the availability of the electronic switch or the claims adjudication system. Our dynamic healthcare claims processing and managed care services are designed to accommodate our clients’ unique benefit designs and processing needs.

MediKredit is integrated with the majority of the practice management applications (PMAs) in South Africa and this enables all pharmacies and over 3 400 doctors to be directly connected to MediKredit’s online real-time claims adjudication system. As such, MediKredit is able to deliver a cost-effective online real-time claims switching service anywhere in South Africa.

MediKredit’s switch is fully integrated with PMAs. MediKredit effectively manages the interface with PMA vendors ensuring continuous availability, uptime, a quality claim delivery and a seamless process with the healthcare provider.

MediKredit has an average response time of one second from submission of a claim by a PMA back to the PMA. However, the average time any specific PMA takes to display the return message on the PMA, is dependent on the specific PMA.

MediKredit provides a real time processing service to 3 470 733 principal members (6 798 035 beneficiaries) in the country in both the private and public healthcare sectors. In 2017, MediKredit switched or processed 41 980 898 claims online real-time.

In excess of 3 000 pharmacies, 400 private and public hospitals, and 5 500 medical practices have registered with the MediKredit PBM system and have all been successfully integrated with the MediKredit PBM online real time.

MediKredit Registration Number: 1995/001794/07

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