Manufacturers And Suppliers

Having your healthcare product listed on the NAPPI® file is an important step for manufacturers and suppliers in getting products to market.

As the standard unit of electronic information exchange for pharmaceutical, medicinal, surgical, medical appliance and healthcare consumable products in the private healthcare industry, NAPPI® codes are essential for managing the flow of these products through the sector.

NAPPI® applications must be submitted by the highest authority in the supply chain for the product in question within the borders of South Africa. For products manufactured within South Africa, the NAPPI® applicant must be the manufacturer of the product whereas for products manufactured outside South Africa, the NAPPI® applicant must be the importer of the product.

Only products that can be legally sold in South Africa are eligible for NAPPI® codes, therefore proof of regulatory compliance is a pre-requisite – such as a SAHPRA registration certificate, for example.

The NAPPI® allocation policy as approved by the NAPPI® Advisory Board (NAB) is published on the MediKredit website to guide the industry on the policy for the allocation of NAPPI®  codes.