Doctor Processing Circulars

MediKredit provides extensive communication, training and ongoing support to doctor processing to ensure that they are kept abreast of changes in Scheme processing options, benefits and the type of message responses they could receive.

MediKredit distributes circulars to the doctor processing community detailing the following:

  • New Schemes activated with the MediKredit
  • Industry regulation changes and updates
  • New Risk Management Responses – the background to the message and pointers on what the provider can do to resolve, for example, an upfront rejection
  • Scheme benefit and rule changes
  • Administrator rule changes
ReferenceSubjectEffective Date

Gomomo Care/Sizwe Claims Processing Information

01/05/2017 Download

Unity Health New Talkee Health Insurance Option Information

01/04/2017 Download

Blackbird GetSavvi Option changes

01/04/2017 Download

WCMAS Flu Vaccine Price Change

01/03/2017 Download

Fedhealth Validation Change & Famcheck Functionality

01/03/2017 Download

GIWUSA Health & Wesmart Health New Healthnet Lite Scheme Information

01/03/2017 Download

Swazimed Administrator Change & Option Replacement

01/02/2017 Download

(General) Various Schemes Doctor Dispensing Fee Change (Legislative) UPDATED

01/01/2017 Download